How To Tell If Your Gay Cam Performer Is A Top Or A Bottom

Popular gay cam sites offer a variety of hot gay cam performers to choose from and you’re probably looking for a specific type. Most men have a preference on whether they want to be the top or the bottom and this helps to dictate that they’re looking for the opposite in a gay cam performer. Being able to tell what sort of personality a gay cam performer has quickly will help you save your time and money as you find performers that are just your type. All you need to do is learn to look for certain identifying clues that will help you quickly determine your gay cam man’s top or bottom preference. Of course, this assumes that you know your own preferences going into this. If not, it may be time to explore all kinds of gay cam performers and see what seems to hold your interest. This can help you identify your own preferences in the world of gay cam shows, which can hold true offline as well. Watch as many gay cam shows as you can to get a sense for all type of gay cam performers and what you could possibly be attracted to.

What His Physique Tells You About His Preference

“He seems to be the dominating type”

A big clue lies in his physique and how he presents himself to the online gay cam community as a whole. He may say in his profile if he has a top or bottom preference, but his actual body build can tell you a lot about this even without that. If he’s clearly working to increase his muscle size and seems very buff he’s more than likely a top who likes the power that comes with physical control in the bedroom. He’s the type who wants to throw you around and dominate you, which could be exactly what you’re looking for! On the other hand if you’re in search of a bottom personality it’s important to look for those of a smaller build who are more likely to use their mind that their strong body to get what they want. They certainly won’t have any less passion, but they often carry themselves in a much more passive way to help identify that they are more of a bottom personality. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and it’s important to look deeper into a gay cam performers personality to determine their true preferences.

Easy Ways To Spot A Top Personality

“Will he be on the top or bottom?”

Tops carry themselves with excessive confidence and sexual charm as they go about their live gay cam routine. They exude the fact that they know you want them, and they like to feel they have a sense of control over you. If your gay cam performer is constantly trying to control the interaction, that’s a good sign you’re working with a top. They like to be the dominant member of the relationship and often like their suggestions to be taken seriously and acted upon at once. Tops like to make the rules and that always applies to sexual encounters as well as you watch their gay cam show. They like to get their way in the gay cam shows and will go to great lengths to demonstrate their dominate prowess over their bottom clients. They can get pushy for show and because they enjoy it, and it can lead to a lot of tipping in their favor during exceptionally hot cam shows. A private chat with a top is bound to get rough quickly and will have you begging for more as they dominate you specifically and not an entire live cam chat room. You want to be careful that you don’t just mindlessly do what you top says, especially when you’re paying for their time and attention. Overall a good top is harder to find on popular gay cam sites than a bottom so hold onto a good top when you find one! Convince your top for a live cam chat and become his regular. Visit to find more sexy cam guys who love to dominate and don’t let go of them.

Knowing When You Have A Bottom On Your Hands

“He surely loves to be on the bottom”

Bottoms can be easy to spot do to their easy going and eager to please natures. They are usually more bubbly then their top counterparts and aim to attract a strong top to order them around. That could be you if you enjoy cute bottoms doing what you say. Bottoms are by no means easy to figure out and often like to act coy to get your attention. Once they have your attention they like to make sure they keep it and that you’re not thinking about anything but them while they dote on you. A crafty bottom will like to get kinky for you and entice you to dominate them in a gay cam show or one on one private chats. Dramatic bottoms like to make a lot of noise to let you know they’re enjoying something and to get more out of you. Popular gay cam sites feature multitudes of bottoms, which are arguably much more prominent than tops in the gay cam community. If you’re looking for cute coy bottoms to enjoy you’ll find an abundance of gay cam performers ready and willing for you.

Why You Should Try Switching It Up During Your Next Gay Cam Session

“Go for a private chat with both types of personalities”

It’s Important to try new things, and experiencing both sides of the top and bottom spectrum can be a fun experience if nothing else. If you’re not sure what you enjoy more or if you’re new to gay cam sites it’s important for you to explore everything there is to offer. After all you can view most gay cam shows free to get an idea of what you might want before having to commit to anything. If you’ve been watching a lot of bottoms, it could be fun to watch a top for a change of pace and to give you some ideas about how to improve your own domination abilities and appreciate what other tops do. You may find you enjoy watching something you haven’t seen before and that you’re interested in gay cam performers who switch around during their own routines! Ultimately being comfortable with switching around any which way only opens your possibilities and gives you more chances to experience great gay cam shows.

Distinguishing Difference Between Tops And Bottoms

As you see many types of gay cam performers side by side you will quickly notice the stark differences between tops and bottoms and even those that are ok with both. Bottoms will be more provocative and alluring, watch out for their excessive coy charm and desire to get you to focus on only them. Tops and bottoms will place equal demands on your attention, as all gay cam performers want to keep you coming back for more. A good top will check in with you to make sure you’re enjoying your experience and a good bottom will keep you wanting them for the entire live gay cam show. Some gay cam performers will fall more in between and therefore be willing to do even more of the kinky things you can think of. It’s important to enjoy a mix of live gay cam performances and performers so you can take advantage of all the Internet has to offer and fins out what you like best in a safe a judgment free environment.

Are You Being Led On? 5 Ways To Tell!

If you ever have been led by a girl before, you should know by now that it was never a fun experience. The feeling of being led on can make you heartbroken and rejected. But it is very important to identify the signs that you are being led on so that you can save yourself for further embarrassment and humiliation. But before you start generalizing it is important to know that only a fraction of the girls lead the guys on intentionally. There are many good girls out there who would not even dream of leading a guy on.

How to tell if a girl is leading you on?

1) Delayed text response

In the 21st century texting is like an everyday ritual. It is understandable that there are certain situations and circumstances in life which does not allow for timely response to text messages. However, if she’s really into you then an honest effort will be made to respond to texts. You should expect at least a ‘Hi’ or ‘will call soon’ when she is unable to send messages to you. But repetitive instances of delayed text response may indicate that it is probably becoming difficult for her to reply to your messages while having lunch with a male friend.


How to Know If You’re Being Led On

2) Your friends tell you that she is leading you on

Sometimes the best way to find out whether you are being led on is to ask your friends. If your friends tell you that you are being led on then it’s probably an indication to move on and pursue another girl. It can be really difficult to accept this fact sometimes if you are really into this girl.

3) You are not allowed on her Facebook page

Facebook is universally regarded as the ultimate social networking place for friends. If your sweetheart welcomes you in her tiny little world then it only natural that you are friends on her Facebook page also. But if she unfriends you on Facebook then it is a clear sign that you are being led on and you must be a blind not to understand that.

4) She has an unenviable reputation of being a flirt

If the girl whom you like is universally accepted as a natural flirt then chances are that she is leading you a bit unintentionally. There are many girls who possess an outgoing personality that can give the guys a very wrong impression. If the girl is really flirtatious in nature then you need to work really hard to get the girl interested in you.

5) Living too far apart


Signs you are being led on

Real love does not the follow the rules of distance and this can make a relationship very difficult. If she is really interested in you then the distance will not a matter of concern at all. She will work hard with you and consider different options so that you can two can be together. There are many couples who successfully lead a long distance relationship. But, on the other hand, if she complains that distance is a crucial factor and if this appears to resonate in every conversation then chances are that you are being led on.

Apple vs. Google; Glass vs. iWatch; Who Will Win?

Technologically disruptive; fashionably sleek; and futuristically innovative: two of the technological honchos in today’s technology are staking it out. Working with prototypes, both companies have generated a significant buzz that can potentially challenge social norms, technological use, and way of life. Introducing Apple’s iWatch and Google’s Glass; how do they fare when pitted against each other?

The Google Glass Experience

Users will wear a glass-like device and see screen displays that are unintelligible to other people. Featuring technology that is totally hands-free and responds to voice prompts, Google Glass is advertised to perform the following:

  • Maps. Get directions laid out before you.

  • Video Recording. Glass can record videos real-time.

  • Take Picture. Say “take picture” to capture the moments that matter.

  • Messaging. Glass allows you to send a message by talking. Imagine a Virtual Assistant hooked to your Glass.

  • Sharing. Glass carries social media functionalities. Share media any time you want to. You can even go live while sharing.

  • Ask Anything. Think SIRI – only that you talk. Direct your questions to the device and get an answer on your Glass display.

  • Notification. Get proactive notifications. If you are wondering whether you’re late or not, get a time estimate through Glass.

  • Translator. Forget the book; forget online translation. Ask Glass about how something is said in another language and it will tell you.

  • Physical properties. Glass is made from sturdy material, comes in different colors, is not heavy to wear, and boasts evolutionary design.


Comic time: Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch

Overall, Google Glass goes beyond the bounds of perceptive fashion by integrating usability and form into one. Will you get to wear those “glasses” at night and anytime?

The Apple iWatch Experience

It’s just like having a smartphone attached on your wrists. The iWatch is being pursued by Apple in order to give consumers access to information by tapping on a watch-like gadget. But what else does iWatch offer?

  • Siri. You know what this can do. This time, find it in your iWatch.

  • Communication. You can answer and respond to calls and messages using your iWatch.

  • Haptics customization. Assign different vibration properties to each of your contacts, your Facebook notifications, calendar reminders, and incoming calls and messages.

  • Multi-device functionality. The iWatch allows you to send information to other Apple products you own. Send small picture to your AppleTV or your iPhone by using a voice command.

  • Bluetooth functionality. After synchronization, you can access your iTunes account and listen to music and watch videos even without your iPhone through a Bluetooth-powered headset.

  • Notification Center. With a Bluetooth connection detected, the iWatch might serve as the repository of all your notifications. As such, your other Apple products will steer clear from alerts.

  • Support from Nike. The public is aware of the relationship shared between Nike and Apple. This is indirectly seen on Apple’s support for fitness as consumers use gadgets while they are working out. Take all apps in your iPhone and take to iWatch.

Overall, iWatch takes advantage of the technology in watches. Being worn in the wrists is its biggest advantage. But how much can a small screen contain?


The Magic of Apple iWatch and Google Glass Technology

The battle for Glass and iWatch is characterized by stronger speculations. The question is, in terms of groundbreaking technology, what would people choose: wearing glasses or wearing a wristwatch?

5 Easy Ways You Can Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

Having a strong immune system is important for our wellbeing since it helps our bodies fight off most illness, conditions or diseases that we’re faced with everyday. But if your immune system becomes weakened by whatever reason, you become more vulnerable. However, there are several natural ways you can boost your immune system.

5 Ways to Boost Immune System Naturally

1. Eat healthy and avoid unhealthy foods

Malnutrition usually weakens immune function but some foods like French fries and bourbon will not help. It is diets packed with fruits, vegetables, proteins and nuts that boost immune health as they contain nutrients required for proper functioning of the immune system. Protein can be obtained from plant or animal.

Girl in winter clothing sneezing

5 Easy ways to boost your immune system

Also consider including Medicinal mushrooms like maitake, shiitake and reishi contain complex carbohydrates which strengthen the immune function thus fighting against infections and helping reduce other health problems like cancer and allergies. But you must avoid simple sugar as much as possible. Sugary foods and soft drinks have been shown to impair immune function.

2. Avoid stress and stressing situations

During times of stress, the adrenal glands produce the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Acute stress will pump up your immune system, suppressing its ability to fight even minor infections. For example, people are at higher risk of having common colds if they have psychological stress.

Though rare, chronic stress can make the immune system to be hyper-active and aggravate some conditions like asthma and allergies. Learning to control stress and avoid our stressors is important. Try to save your stress responses for only the real emergencies and avoid firing them up when having bad hair days or when caught in heavy traffic. Some activities like massage, meditation and listening to music have been shown to help people recover from their daily hassles, and as a result boost the immune function.

3. Have regular exercise and be consistent


4 Easy Ways to Strengthen your Body’s Defenses

Moderate exercise helps discharge tension and stress, therefore enhancing immune function. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help the body fight against viruses such as common colds, and other infections. And exercise has other benefits such as helping one shed extra weight, enabling them to be fit. But you don’t have to tire yourself at the gym. Simple exercises such as jogging, running or a half hour-walk can be effective.

4. Ensure you are getting enough sleep

When you’re sleeping, the growth and reparative hormones are usually active. They help your body recover from the everyday hassles of life. Lack of enough sleep will activate the stress response, depress your immune function as well as elevate inflammatory chemicals, leaving you feeling ill.

On the other hand, chronic sleep deprivation increases risk of having common cold. Mothers whose young ones interrupt their sleep are at higher risk of suffering respiratory infections, especially if those small ones go for day care.

5. Quit smoking and avoid exposure to smoke

Tobacco smoke causes inflammation, increases your respiratory mucus, and prevents cilia (the projections inside the nose that look like hair) from clearing the excess mucus. Generally, both adults and children who are exposed to cigarette smoke are at high risk of developing respiratory infections such as colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, middle ear infections and sinusitis.

If you’re able to boost your immune system using some of these ways, your risk of becoming sick will decrease. You’ll be able to avoid conditions that affect your body when your immune system is weakened.

Know About The 5 Ways Money Ruins Your Relationship

When we talk about the financial relationships, we not only refer to the moments when you and your spouse pay bills or tally up your receipts. We are actually referring to the negative impact money has on your relationship. We refer to the way both of you think about spending managing money, dealing with money which actually makes a lot of difference in your life starting from your minor bills to your sex life.

Being aloof from your partner’s money personality

The term money personality refers to the way a person thinks about dealing with money, how he /she spend the money. Couples usually have curiosity about each other’s personality but only before marriage. After marriage, this curiosity fades out and leads to major relationship issues. Couples tend to stop learning about each other after marriage. This leads to a lot of misunderstandings, confusions and conflicts relating to financial matters. Hence it is very essential the couples know about each other’s money personalities to have a healthy, peaceful and ever lasting relationship.


10 Money Mistakes That Can Ruin a Marriage

Giving up

Research has found that maximum of the couples tend to give up on their relationship after prolonged fights over financial matters. It is very important that you talk to each other peacefully about your financial issues. A healthy communication regarding financial matters is very essential in any relationship. At some point of every relationship, a phase comes when the financial issues become weighed down with mistrust, suspension, resentment and controlling issues and the couple feels that they are just done with and no improvement can be brought in their relationship. This is when the financial infidelity is born in a relationship.

Keeping financial secrets

Financial infidelity refers to any kind of lie or secret which the partners use to deal with the deteriorating and worsening financial communication issues. Research has found that about 70% of the committed people keep financial secrets from their partners. The lie may be as minor as lying about the price of the new pair of shoes or as major as having property of huge value and keeping the other person in darkness about it.

Constant Financial worry

Most of the couples tend to ruin their relationship by constantly worrying about their financial debts. There is always one partner who worries more about the financial debts than the other. This leads him/her spending valuable time regretting and worrying and not with kids and partner. This creates a distance between the two and hence they lose the charm in their relationship. It is the stress of all the worries that is responsible for creating havoc in one’s relationship.


a better relationship.

Losing all hope

When problems start to set in a relationship, it is very obvious to feel hopeless. Financial issues serve in worsening the condition even more. it feels like the money matters are never going to be better and the couples tend to lose all hope in their relationship.

It is always essential that there is a healthy communication between both the partners. A couple can choose to consult a family counselor to improve matters.

5 Psychological Triggers That Make People Buy

Internet marketing is about making people to buy stuff on the internet and make the business grow. If you are an internet marketer then you must be aware that there are certain psychological triggers that compel a person to buy stuff. If you are not aware of these tips then it will be very difficult for you sell products and make money online. You need to apply certain triggers in your online business to make it grow. Most of these psychological triggers may seem to be manipulative in nature but in the hindsight these are not really so bad as it will persuade people to buy.

1) Scarcity

Scarcity is the best friend of any marketer. If you are announcing an offer with a warning that it will be taken down after 48 hours then people are more likely to buy that product. But you really need to pull it down after 48 hours otherwise people will stop believing you and will unsubscribe from the list. This method is extensively used when a high priced product is launched. The product is promoted extensively before the launch and then the offer opens for a week or even lesser period. This forces the people to act faster and buy the products. But a marketer must be able to use scarcity in the right manner. The people should not be forced to buy any product.


Top 5 Emotional Trigger Words That Make People Buy

2) Authority

The customers are likely to buy products from a store which is regarded as an authority in a particular niche. If you are marketing products online then you must be an expert in any field. If you are recognized as an authority niche in any particular field then people will comply and try to listen to what you have to say. In the beginning you will be an authority figure but with experience you will be. Don’t be afraid to call yourself an expert in any field but don’t wait for the people to brand you as an expert.

3) Commitment

You may have come across many products that are offered for $5 in the first month and the price increases to $40 for the next few months. The idea is to make people commit to a particular service or product at a very low price. So after the first month gets over the people is committed to the same product for the next month onwards. After a few days the marketer will then offer another product at a very low price so that people gets committed to buying that product.


Top 5 Emotional Trigger Words That Make People Buy

4) Reciprocation

The concept of reciprocation is widely used by the internet marketers. There are many companies which provide eBooks and podcasts in exchange of the email address ensure that the subscribers get real value. Hence they will be more inclined to buy a product from them any other online marketer. The idea is to send value to the email address of the subscribers so that they become morally inclined to buy products that the online marketer promotes. This does not mean that the customers are tricked; it only signifies a sense of reciprocation from the part of the valued consumers.

5) Social proof

Social proof in internet marketing is of utmost importance. People will only buy products from you only when you are able to prove that you have sold the same product to a lot of other people. The consumers will be inclined to join your list when that list is already full of people who have availed of your services and products. Similarly people will only follow you in Twitter if you already have many followers in your Twitter account.